Safe Precast App

The ‘Safeprecast’ website and app have been developed with guidance from a working group drawn from the industry and builds on the already successful ‘Safequarry’ and ‘Safer by’ suite of services developed by the Mineral Products Association (MPA).

The free resources will make key health and safety information easily accessible for everybody who works within the precast concrete sector. Users will be able to choose how they access the information either via their office based systems, laptops or mobile devices via the app. The ‘Safeprecast’ website and app will provide instant access to content such as incident alerts, industry guidance, safety videos, latest innovations, toolbox talks and much more.  The app will be particularly useful to those who are travelling or frequently working on-site, they will be able to find and view key information without needing to return to the office.

In addition to content generated within the precast concrete industry, users will also be able to learn from the experience of other sectors within the mineral products industry. The ‘Safequarry’ website has already demonstrated the enormous value of sharing health and safety information across different sectors particularly those in which so many of the activities and the potential exposure to hazards are the same.

Users will be alerted either via the app or by e-mail when any new content has been added. This could be, for example, an incident alert or new guidance issued by organisations such as the HSE or British Precast. An operator, manager or contractor working on-site will be able to download and review relevant guidance, or watch a video highlighting innovative ways in which others have addressed a similar issue.