We've Rebranded!

11 Jul 2018

The product association previously known as the Architectural and Structural Precast Association (ASPA) underwent a rebrand at the start of 2018 to bring its brand identity in line with a number of other associations across the British Precast family.

The new name and brand for the group is British Precast Architectural and Structural, which will appear on communications and publications from this point forward. British Precast Architectural and Structural is the trade association for the manufacturers of precast concrete architectural cladding, structural precast concrete and a range of other associated products. 

Our principal objectives are to promote the structural, aesthetic and commercial benefits of precast concrete structures and facade systems. Our members’ products are manufactured under factory-controlled conditions to a high standard, giving architects, structural engineers and building contractors the assurance of performance in line with design specifications.

You can reach the association through the dual domains: architecturalprecast.org and structuralprecast.org or by contacting us at:

British Precast Architectural and Structural 
British Precast
The Old Rectory
Main Street
United Kingdom

Tel: 0116 232 5170
Fax: 0116 232 5197
Email: info@britishprecast.org

We now have our own Twitter handle too! Follow us @concreteoffsite