Benefits of Offsite Precast

28 Aug 2018

Precast concrete is virtually unlimited in its application including the entire structure or selected elements such as frame, floors, walls, stairs or balconies. The advantages of factory production, combined with the inherent benefits of concrete, provide compelling reasons to use precast concrete.

Using precast concrete elements can:

    Speed-up construction
    Provide high quality finishes
    Reduce costs

The use of precast concrete elements is well established as a construction method throughout the world and provides solutions for a great variety and complexity of layout, shapes and fa├žade treatments.
It provides benefits at all stages of a buildings life cycle, a range of design opportunities and ways of improving sustainability.

Performance in construction

  •    Speed of Construction
  •    Reduction of waste on site
  •    Reduced propping on site
  •    Reduced skilled labour on site
  •    Inherent fire resistance
  •    Reduced weather dependency
  •    Whole life value

Performance in use

  •    Inherent fire resistance
  •    Vibration control
  •    Flood resistance
  •    Reduction in overheating risk
  •    High thermal performance
  •    Acoustics
  •    Air-tightness
  •    Durability and low maintenance

Design opportunities

  •    Proven designs and methodologies
  •    Long clear spans
  •    Designed to last
  •    Mouldable
  •    Accuracy
  •    High quality
  •    Range of finishes


  •    Thermal efficiency
  •    Material efficiency
  •    Whole-life benefits
  •    Responsible sourcing

Detailed information on all these benefits and more can be found in the Concrete Centre publication ‘Offsite Concrete Construction: The Benefits’. Download here.