British Precast Architectural and Structural are committed to providing technical information on precast concrete elements and associated fixings and design considerations. As part of this commitment, British Precast Architectural and Structural is now the new home for Key2Concrete. Key2Concrete, launched over 10 years ago, has been an industry driven reference site for information on the applications and techniques behind the use precast concrete. The aim of Key2Concrete was to provide information and guidance on good practice within the concrete sector.

This extensive body of knowledge has been reinvigorated through collaboration with Cliff Billington MBE, the original author of Key2Concrete. The British Precast Architectural and Structural technical library is now the home of up to date information on precast construction methods. 

The use of Key2Concrete content should only be done in conjunction with relevant product standards and safe installation guidance found within the Code of Practice for Safe Installation.

The practices, products and techniques set out in Key2Concrete represent typical scenarios in the opinion of the author. However, for up to date project specific advise contact your precast supplier directly.

The update and transfer of the Key2Concrete library to our website is an on-going process.

Check back soon for more technical articles.

Bearing shims

Sandwich Panels

Starter bars

Stainless steel grades

non-stainless steel grades

stainless steel setscrews