Product Types

Members of British Precast Architectural and Structural provide a wide range of products serving the commercial, educational, hospital, infrastructure, office, prisons, and residential markets. Architectural and structural precast concrete is manufactured in accordance with a wide range of European and British Standards. Links are offered below for a range of products covered by association members.


Crosswall construction is a modern and effective method of construction that employs factory precast, precision engineered, concrete components. Each component is custom-designed and manufactured to suit the specific project. This method of construction was developed to facilitate swift and adaptable residential buildings such as hotels, student residences, prisons and military barracks. [Read More]

Architectural Cladding

These are reinforced precast concrete units in the form of loadbearing walls or non-loadbearing panels manufactured in a wide range of mixes, colours and finishes. Finishes can include acid-etched, smooth or coarse ground, grit or sand-blasted, rubbed, polished or formed as a reconstituted stone. [Read More]

Retaining Walls

Precast retaining walls are used to retain soils at different levels where a site condition would not allow for a slope to be provided. Retaining walls are used in different infrastructure, flood control and road construction applications. Members of British Precast Architectural and Structural produce different types of retaining walls, either as gravity block-based systems or as “L” shaped units. [Read More]

Retaining walls (either gravity based or cantilevered) are designed in accordance with EN 15258: Precast Concrete Products – Retaining Wall Elements.

Bridge Elements

Precast concrete bridges come in different forms, fib’s State-of-The-Art Report (Bulletin 29) on concrete bridges identifies many types of precast concrete bridges, including solid deck bridges, girder bridges, box-beam bridges, curved box beam bridges, mono-box bridges, trough bridges, segmental bridges, and cable stayed bridges. [Read More]

Precast concrete bridge elements are manufactured to EN 15050:2007 (+A1:2012) – Precast Concrete Products - Bridge Elements.

Further guidance is available from the Concrete Bridge Development Group [Read More] or the Concrete Centre [Read More]

Precast Beams, Columns & Other Linear Elements

Association members manufacture precast linear elements such as beams and columns, in accordance with EN 13225: 2013 – Precast Concrete Products – Linear Structural Elements. This product standard, as all European product standards is linked with the concrete design standard Eurocode 2. For help with design to Eurocodes visit The Concrete Centre website which has a range of helpful resources. [Read More]

Sculptures & Landscaping Products

Members of British Precast Architectural and Structural manufacture a wide range of precast concrete aesthetic products with a wide range of finishes and different sizes and shapes. Please visit their websites for more information.

Stadia Terrace Units, Dock Leveller Pits, Tanks & Chambers, Ground Beams

Members of British Precast Architectural and Structural manufacture precast stadia terracing units in accordance with relevant British and European standards. Units are cast to different shapes and with high levels of customisation - with holes, curves or voids incorporated. Precast terraces can also be installed on site easily and quickly, leading to considerable time and cost savings in construction.

Other products made by members of British Precast Architectural and Structural include dock leveller pits, tanks & chambers, ground beams, garden and farming precast units and a wide range of other precast products.

The British Precast Buyers Guide shows the range of products offered by British Precast Architectural and Structural members. [View]